Hi, I'm Zac..

I'm a wedding photographer based in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley, NSW

Why I'm Here..

I'm here for those of you want to break the mould, who care more about having as much fun as possible than making sure the schedule is on time and the "traditions" have all been met.

I'm here for the adventurers, who like to get their hands dirty and their feet wet. Who's idea of a good time is climbing a mountain or swimming under a waterfall.

I'm here for the partiers, who start the day as the finish it, drunk and dancing. And who don't mind that I may have done the same.

I'm here for those who would rather become best mates with their photographer and feel relaxed and comfortable, than to stress out about the photos he is taking or the weird pose that he is forcing them into.

Mostly, I'm here for a good time! I absolutely love my job, it's completely a passion for me before it's a business, and I vibe with people who want the most relaxed, fun & comfortable environment on their wedding day possible.

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You ready?