What a day this was! Tilly and Jono's Newcastle wedding started with an emotional bridal reveal at their family home in Adamstown, a massive white curtain veiled the deck from the garden where Jono and both of their families were waiting for Tilly to emerge.

We then went straight into the photoshoot at Glenrock National Park, Newcastle's gem of a forest, before heading to the ceremony/reception at their friend's property in Newcastle.

Doing the reveal and photoshoot before the ceremony had a few big advantages.

1 - Hair and makeup were fresh and perfect for the photos.

2- Everyone was super relaxed by the time for the ceremony came around.

3- being later in the year, the sun was setting perfectly at the ceremony.

4- No waiting after the ceremony! Straight into the reception and party time!

I thought it was a cool way of doing things, something a little out of the ordinary and definitely made for some epic photos!