While your wedding day flashes by in a whirlwind of love and laughter, printed photos of your celebration will keep the memories alive for decades, so that you, your kids, and even great grandkids can experience the joy over and over again. Having something truly tangible, and of the highest quality to take away from your wedding day is priceless, and in my opinion an album is the best way to showcase your wedding photos. We all love sharing photos on social media, but nothings beats sitting around the living room with your friends and family with a hot cuppa whilst flicking through a beautifully crafted, custom made album of your wedding day. 


As your wedding photographer, I try my best to tell the story of your wedding day through my photos. I have a journalistic, fly on the wall approach to photography, and as I am perhaps the only person who is with you for pretty much every part of the day, I know the story well! This is why I take the time to thoughtfully design and customise the layout of each album and choose the photos that I think flow well through the day and tell the story for how it was. This means that I may choose photos that other people may not think to include, photos that set the scene or small details that others may have missed.

It’s also the reason why I have decided to only have the one size option (13x10" portrait) for my albums, as I feel that the album needs to be big enough to tell the whole story.

Part of the beauty of my albums is that it is all done for you, but don’t worry! I will proof the albums with you before production using cloud proofing software, which makes making alterations a breeze! 


High Quality Binding

My albums are bound in a way that allows each double page design to flow seamlessly and uninterrupted across the gutter, allowing the pages to sit flawlessly flat to do your photos true justice. 

Seamless Panormas

The pages are printed as panoramic double page spreads then lightly scored and folded to allow them to lie perfectly flat, with the slightest seam in the centre. As the pages turn the inner edges flawlessly rotate and adjust, creating a beautifully symmetrical spine. 

I’ve Got You Covered

You will have a choice of over 40 cover styles, including the finest quality distressed leather hides, faux leather, Japanese silks, European linens and other contemporary book cloths for your album, in a range of colours and styles. 

Custom Foiled Embossing

Your names will be beautifully embossed and foiled into the front cover of the album, and can be done in a range of different colours 


Hand made in Australia

The albums are lovingly handcrafted in Sydney, by a team that won the highest accolade for the international print industry in late 2019 - so I can promise your album will be produced to world class standards. 

Stunning Colours

The pages are printed using 10 colour Epson Ultrachrome inkjet inks that have superior colour accuracy. They have been extensively tested to demonstrate archival level image stability. The prints have a vintage, film-like look with a matte finish. 

Museum Quality Paper

The album pages are 0.6mm thick, 100% cotton rag, made from cotton fibre that is inherently lignin and acid free. Cotton rag is a superior material that ensures your album will age better than those produced with paper pages derived from wood pulp. The pages feel solid, more like cardboard than paper. 

Totally Unique

Every album I design is different, and custom made to reflect you and your wedding day. I don’t limit the amount of photos or pages, however it will have at least 30 spreads (60 pages), with a variety of layouts from single full spread panoramic photos, to a 20 shot sequence on one spread! 

Your wedding day will come and go, but your love and memories will last for generations, and so will your album.

The combination of materials used to produce your album have been carefully selected to give them the longest possible lifespan in an album today. The solid, sturdy, chunky design, along with the portrait orientation, makes the album feel like your grandpa’s old collection of Encyclopaedia Britannica, timeless. The story of your love preserved in time for generations to come, I promise that your album has quality and care embedded at every level. 

Some Kind Words..

Matt & Camille

1 / 1

"“We were lucky enough to be the first to have a photo album put together by Zac, and he did not disappoint! With a leather cover, thick pages, seamless binding and museum grade photo printing, the quality is priceless. A magical photo album that tells the story of our wedding day from start to finish, a hit with all of our visitors, and something tangible for us to revisit the beautiful memories from our day, and to cherish and share with loved ones for many years to come.”"

1 / 1

So, what's the cost?

$1200, All Inclusive, Delivered to your door.

You can add an album on to any of my wedding packages, or if you're a past client and you would like to purchase one, contact me and I'll get it sorted!


How long do the albums take to be delivered to my door?

Can I change photo's and layouts?

How many photo's are in each album?

What size is the album?


How long do the albums take to be delivered to my door?

If you've ordered an album I will begin working on it after I've delivered your photos. Times can vary a little depending on my schedule, manufacturing and postage times, but i strive to get it to you within a month after delivering your photos.

Can I change photo's and layouts?

Yes, I use a cloud proofing software which makes it easy to make changes. I allow for 2 revisions to the design before submitting the finished product.

How many photo's are in each album?

This can vary a lot from wedding to wedding, depending on whether I decide to have more large and full spread images, or if I go for a collaged look. As a reference, Matt & Camille's album has 153 images over 34 spreads.

What size is the album?

My albums are 13x10" Portrait oriented, with a minimum of 30 spreads (60 pages). They're big, chunky and feel like luxury!